Vighna Vinashaka Devadi Deva
Vighna Vinashaka Devadi Deva
Adi Sanathana Deva
Prathama Poojya Gananatha
Bhava Bhaya Bhanjana Nithya Niranjana
Siddhi Vinayaka Deva
Mangala Dayaka Shambho Manohara [ Prathama Poojya ... ]

O Lord Ganesha, Lord of the Ganaas (the attendants of Lord Shiva), You are always offered the first prayers in any worship. O Lord of Lords, one who is eternal, ancient and destroyer of obstacles, You annihilate the fear of birth and death. You are the Lord of powers acquired through austerities, blemishless, who bestows auspiciousness and the dear son of Lord Shiva.

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