Sri Sai Shirdeeshwara Parthi Vasa
Sri Sai Shirdeeshwara Parthi Vasa Parameshwara
Patitha Pavana Bhava Bhaya Bhanjana Lokesha Bhaktha Palana [ Sri Sai ... ]
Jaalileda Deena Bandhava
Chaala Mela Jagat Bandhava
Bhaktha Hrudayalaya Srishti Sthithi Laya Sathya Dharma Shanthi Premalaya [ Sri Sai ... ]
Paahi Paahi Parameshwara Jata Joota Shambho Shankara
Trishoola Dhara Trinetra Dhari Girija Kantha Sadashiva

Oh Sai of Shirdi and Parthi, You are none other than Lord Shiva who gives succor to your devotees. Oh compassionate Lord, show Your mercy without delay, You are the cause for the Creation, Existence and Dissolution and the one who establishes Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love in this universe. Please come to protect us, Oh compassionate Parameshwara (Lord Shiva) with Your matted hair, Trident in hand, having three eyes and accompanied by Your Consort Girija (Parvathi).

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