Paahi Paahi Hey Mahesha
Paahi Paahi Hey Mahesha
Maya Rahita Gowri Kantha
Shiva Shiva Shankara Shambho Shankara
Ganga Jatadhara Gowri Manohara
Shooladhara Vibhuti Sundara
Haalaahala Dhara Natana Manohara
Aashritha Rakshaka Hey Tripurari

Protect us, O Lord Shiva, the greatest Lord and the consort of Mother Gowri (Parvathi). You hold the holy river Ganges in Thy matted locks. You are besmeared with Vibhuthi - the Holy Ash. You wield the Trident. You are the one who is devoid of Maya (Illusion). You swallowed the Haalaahala poison for the sake of Your devotees. You are the enchanting Dancer who destroyed Tripura and is the Protector of Your devotees. 

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