Neelakanta Gangadhara Hara Uma Pathey
Neelakanta Gangadhara Hara Uma Pathey
Pralayankara Abhayankara Kailasa Pathey [ Neelakanta ... ]
Dama Dama Dama Dama Dama Dama Damaru Baajey
Nataraja Manohara Tandava Nachey
Partheeshwara Parameshwara Jagadheesha Pathey

Hail Lord Shankara, the bestower of auspiciousness, the Lord of Uma and whose abode is Kailasa. The blue-throated Lord Shiva is the protector of one and all, who swallowed the poison that rose during the churning of the ocean. Praise the Lord who took all suffering on Himself for the welfare of all beings. He helped Bhagirath to bring river Ganges from heaven and in the process became Gangadhara. He grants bliss by playing the Damaru (drums) and performing the cosmic dance, Tandava. We bow to Lord Shiva, the Lord of the universe, who incarnated at Shirdi and at Parthi as our Sathya Sai. Prayers to Him to bless us all at all times.

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