Nanda Ke Dularey Bhaiyya Nacho
Nanda Ke Dularey Bhaiyya Nacho Nacho Nacho
Murali Ghana Shyama Mora Mukuta Dhama
Nacho Nacho Nacho Nacho Nandalala
Swagatham Krishna Krishna Sharanagatham Krishna
Aao Merey Nayanon Mey Aao Merey Bhajanon Mey
Sundara Sundara Gopala Shyama Sundara Sai Gopala
Antaryami Gopala Hrudaya Nivasi Gopala

Perform the Divine dance, O Lord Krishna, the darling son of Nanda. You play divine melody with the flute, You are the one as dark as the rain cloud, the one who adorns the peacock feathered crown. Perform the divine dance, O Lord. I welcome you, Lord Krishna. I surrender to You. Be ever in my vision, be ever in my devotional songs. O beautiful Lord of the Gopas, the dark-hued one, You are none other than our Sai,  the indweller of our heart.

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