Ma Sai, My Precious Sai
Ma Sai, my precious Sai
Ma Sai, O Sathya Sai [ Ma Sai, my ... ]
May this thread of love never break
Let me always be with You, Sathya Sai
You will never ever leave my heart
We will always belong to You, dearest Sai

Ma Sai, Mana Bangaru Baba
Ma Sai, O Sathya Sai [ Ma Sai, Mana ... ]
Yeh Prem Ki Dori Toot Na Jaaye
Tera Sath Kabhi bhi Chod Na Jaaye
Door Dilse Kabhi Tum Ho Na Jaaye
Sada Rahenge Hum Terey Hi Sai

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