Kailasa Vasa Gangadhara
Kailasa Vasa Gangadhara
Ananda Tandava Sadashiva
Himagiri Vasa Samba Shiva [ Kailasa Vasa ... ]
Ganapathi Sevitha Hey Jagadeesha
Sharavana Sevitha Hey Paramesha
Shaila Girishwara Uma Maheshwara
Neela Lochana Natana Natesha [ Ananda Tandava ... ]

Glory to Lord Shiva who holds the holy river Ganges and who dwells in Kailasa in the Himalayan ranges, whose consort is Amba (Parvathi) and who performs the celestial dance of Bliss. The Lord of Universe is served by His sons Ganapathi and Sharavana. The blue-eyed Lord Shiva is the consort of Uma, resides in the Shaila Mountains and is the Lord of dance.

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