Jaya Bhagavad Geete Matey
Jaya Bhagavad Geete Matey
Jaya Jaya Geete Jaya Vyasa Jaatey
Jaya Jaya Iha Para Kalyana Daatey
Tattvignane Shanthi Nidharey
Bhava Bhaya Harini Sarva Guna Gaane [ Jaya Bhagavad ... ]
Mukthi Dayini Shakthi Kaarini
Bhakthi Prachodini Janani Janani [ Jaya Bhagavad ... ]
Asha Maha Svartha Samhaarini
Dasha Keshava Nuta Hrdaya Viharini

Glory to Mother Bhagawad-Gita documented by sage Vyasa. Gita, whose true nature is peace and truth, bestows good luck and fortune in this, and the next life. She is full of good qualities, removes fears, grants strength and liberation, destroys desires of the senses and ego, and extols the Lord, the indweller.

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