Gangadhara Paahi Maam
Gangadhara Paahi Maam
Sai Natha Guru Satchidananda Guru [ Gangadhara Paahi ... ]
Neelakanta Shiva Gangadhara
Neelakanta Shiva Neelakanta Shiva Neelakanta Shiva Gangadhara Neelakanta Shiva Gangadhara
Bhasma Vibhushitha Gangadhara

Please protect me, O Lord Shiva who holds the river Ganges in Your matted locks, is besmeared with holy ash and is blue-throated (due to the consumption of the haalaa-hala poison). O divine Preceptor Sai, You are being, awareness and bliss. You are none other than Lord Shiva.

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