Ganesha Stotram
Ēkadantaṃ mahākāyaṃ taptakāñcana sannibhaṃ |
Lambōdaraṃ viśālākṣaṃ vandē'haṃ gaṇanāyakam | |

Mauñjikṛṣṇājinadharaṃ nāgayajñopavītinaṃ |
Bālendu vilasanmauliṃ vandē'haṃ gaṇanāyakam | |

Ambikāhṛdayānandaṃ mātṛbhiḥ paripālitaṃ |
Bhaktapriyaṃ madōnmattam vandē'haṃ gaṇanāyakam | |

Citraratnavicitrāṅgaṃ citramālāvibhūṣitaṃ |
Citrarūpadharaṃdevaṃ vandē'haṃ gaṇanāyakam | |

Gajavaktraṃ suraśreṣṭhaṃ karṇacāmara bhūṣitaṃ |
Pāśāṅkuśadharaṃ devaṃ vandē'haṃ gaṇanāyakam | |

Mūṣikōttamamāruhya dēvāsura mahāhavē |
Yōddhukāmaṃ mahāvīryaṃ vandē'haṃ gaṇanāyakam | |

Yakṣa kinnara gandharva siddha vidyadharai sadā |
Stūyamānaṃ mahātmānaṃ vandē'haṃ gaṇanāyakam | |

Sarvavighnaharaṃ dēvaṃ sarvavighnavivarjitaṃ |
Sarva siddhi pradātāraṃ vandē'haṃ gaṇanāyakam | |

Gaṇāṣṭakaṃ idaṃ puṇyaṃ bhaktyā yaḥ paṭhennaraḥ
Vimuktasarvapāpebhyo śivalokaṃ sa gacchati | |

--------- Ganesha Stotram / Ganashtakam ---------

1. I salute the Lord of Ganas, who is one-tusked, having a huge body resplendent like molten gold, who has a huge belly, and big beautiful eyes.
2. I salute the Lord of Ganas who is seated on the three-striped antelope’s skin, wearing a snake as His sacred thread and having a face glowing like the moon.
3. I salute the Lord of Ganas, who delights the heart of the Divine Mother Ambika, is protected by the Divine parents and is intoxicated by the love of His devotees.
4. I salute the Lord of Ganas, whose body is decorated with colourful jewels, has a beautiful garland around His neck and who can manifest in any form.
5. I salute the Lord of Ganas, the best among Gods, who has the face of an elephant, is adorned with fan-like ears, and who holds a noose and a goad.
6. I salute the Lord of Ganas, who having mounted the best mouse, displayed immense valour in the great battle between the Gods and the demons.
7. I salute the Lord of Ganas, who is always revered by the Yakshas (nature spirits), Kinnaras (attendants of Kubera), Gandharvas (celestial singers), Siddhas (magical beings) and scholars as the Greatest One.
8. I salute the Lord of Ganas, the remover of all obstacles, who is untouched by obstacles and bestows success.
9. Whoever chants this meritorious "Ganashtakam" (eight verses glorifying Lord Ganesha) with devotion, will be redeemed of all sins and will attain the abode of Lord Shiva.
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