Shivaya Namah Shiva Lingaya Namah
Shivaya Namah Shiva Lingaya Namah Om
Bhavaya Namah Bhava Lingaya Namah Om
Sarvaya Namah Sarva Lingaya Namah Om
Rudraya Namah Rudra Lingaya Namah Om
Bhasmaya Namah Bhasma Lingaya Namah Om
Atmaya Namah Atma Lingaya Namah Om
Namah Om Namah Om Namah Om

Worship Lord Shiva who is present in the form of sacred Lingam. He manifests Himself in different forms such as, the one who dispels the fear of the materialistic world, the one who is Omnipresent, the one who is our in-dweller (higher self or Conscience).

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