Neela Megha Shyama Govardhana Giridhari
Neela Megha Shyama Govardhana Giridhari
Parthi Vihari Sai Murari
Brija Gopi Priya Nandana Raasa Vihari
Vanamala Ghana Murali Bansidhari
Krishna Murari Natavara Naagara Shourie
Brindavana Sanchari Shyama (Sai) Murari

Salutations to Lord Krishna who is majestic like a dark blue cloud and who lifted Mount Govardhana. He annihilated demon Mura to protect the saintly people. In the land of Brij, He was dear to all cowherd people. He engaged the Gopis in Raasa leela (divine dance). Wearing a garland of Tulasi, playing the divine flute, indulging in playful mischief, He made Brindavan a heaven on earth. He is none other than our beloved Sai who resides in Parthi to uplift the mankind.

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