Ganga Mayi Parameshwari Gangey
Ganga Mayi Parameshwari Gangey
Alakanandey Jahnavi Gangey [ Ganga Mayi ... ]
Bhagawathi Ambe Pavani Gangey
Bhaktha Parayani Ma Devi Gangey
Patithoddharini Tribhuvani Gangey
Prema Pravahini Sai Gangey

Let us immerse ourselves in the Holy River, Mother Ganga. She flows from the Alakananda tributary, providing sustenance to all. She is the Divine Mother, purifying us all. She protects all of Her devotees and uplifts the downtrodden. Her waters traverse across the three planes of existence. Mother Ganga is none other than the torrential flow of love from our dear Mother Sai.

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