Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 2 (1961 - 62)
Supreme Power

Our Venkateshwarlu just now spoke of the Lord as the Director of a Drama of Delusion. But the delusion is in you, not in the Lord, who is possessed of only Supreme Power (Mahasakthi). Unable to grasp that Supreme Power and to understand its manifestations, people envelop themselves in doubt and delusion, that is all. He also said that I am by birth an Andhra, etc., but, the whole world is my birth place. I am not to be identified with this or that province or state. Dakshinamurthi does not belong only to Dakshinapatha. Again, Venkateshwarlu mentioned the various points spoken about Me by those who have neither seen nor experienced Me. These are all unnecessary and useless diversions, which distract. The sculptor should see before him only the form of his personal deity (Ishtadevatha) and should strive to quickly remove with a chisel the stone that envelopes that form. So too, all discussion whether this Sai is that Sai or that Sai is this Sai is irrelevant. The same sugar is poured into different moulds to prepare several types of sweets. So also, Rama, Sai, Sathya Sai all are the same sugar. That is enough for the aspirant, who will realise the truth in good time. Do not worry your mind with such problems; do not mix with people who talk loosely of holy subjects. One thing I may tell you now: “There is no one in this world who does not belong to Me; all are Mine. They may not call out My Name or any Name, but still they are Mine.” You are seeing for yourself how thirsty souls are gathering in numbers every day at Puttaparthi. I have told you often that in a matter of a year or two the multitude will be so large that you may not get much chance to approach Me with your spiritual problems and difficulties. So, hurry to Me with them, even now. While in other places, I speak generally on the need for devotion, etc.; here at Puttaparthi I emphasise the practical discipline of everyday life, because this is the HQ of an army under training. So, cultivate Truth and Love and make yourselves examples for all who might contact you.
Make Soham (I am God) the continuous soft prayer (japam) of the mind and you will be saved. “I” will merge into the Universal. Continuously recite Soham, Soham, Soham with every breath, inhaling and exhaling.
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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