Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 16 (1983)
Topic - Excerpt from Divine Discourse
Ceiling on desires - I

Similarly our desires also should be limited. Women are usually desirous of adding to their wardrobe any number of sarees when they go to a shop or an exhibition. You should have a reasonable number of sarees, but not a huge collection for pomp or show. Misuse of money is a great evil. Even men will have to do their own bit in controlling the expenditure on unwanted and unnecessary things. Money is Dhaivaswaroopam (embodiment of Divinity). When you talk of wealth you should be careful to avoid avaricious accumulation and extravagant expenditure. Even in the preparation of food, you should be careful in avoiding wastage. We are only doing a disservice by consuming more food than what is necessary for the body. Thirdly, you should be careful about 'time', which is the yardstick of life. Seconds become hours, hours become years, years make yugas (ages) and so on. You should not waste this most valuable 'time'. Time lost in wasteful pursuits can't be got back by any means. All our activities should be planned for utilising the available time to maximum advantage. So, we should not waste food, money, time and energy. Even in purchase of garlands, you need not waste money. What God wants is the flower of your heart that is filled with humility and devotion. Eight types of flowers can be offered to God, viz, Ahimsa (Non-violence), Indhriya Nigraha (Control of senses) Sarvabhootha Dhaya (Compassion towards all beings) Sathyam (Truth) Dhyanam (Meditation) Shanthi (Peace Vinaya (Humility) Bhakthi (Devotion).