Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 12 (1973 - 74)
Sabko sanmathi

YOU are citizens of no mean land; Bharath is indeed a Dhivya Bhoomi - a land saturated since ages with devotion and dedication to God. The path to God was sought for, by even the common folk. Spiritual discipline permeated every activity of life and every detail of daily life. You are the inheritors of a great culture, which has survived the onslaughts of alien rule and political suppression.
This culture has upheld strength of mind and purity of thought, which are translated into beneficial resolutions and desires, as the essential requisites of a progressive human being. The mystery and splendour of God can be grasped only by a pure mind and a clear vision. That is why the Lord granted a new eye to Arjuna in order that he might not be confounded by His Glory. A resolution adopted by the mind is like a stone thrown into a Sarovara or lake. It produces ripples that affect the entire face and unsettles equanimity. A good sankalpa (resolution) sets up a series of such thoughts, each contributing its quota to the process of purification and strengthening. Bharatheeya culture insists on purity of Sankalpa because, like a flagrant flower in the hand, it will spread its beneficial influence on others and through others, on the society and community, in which the individual operates. A bad thought desecrates the individual as well as the community. Misery too is infectious; your impurity can pollute too. When the Mind acts in subordination to the Intellect or Discriminating Reason, it will help the Realisation of the Inner Truth. When it yields to the pull of the senses, then, it will tighten the bonds.
Be equipped with humility to win God's Grace
Good ideas have to be accepted and bad ones eschewed. Each idea has to be judged in the Supreme Court of Viveka (Wisdom). And, the 'ruling has to be treated as inviolable. It is in this context that we have to remind ourselves of the prayer of Gandhiji, Sabko san mathi dhe bhagwan - "O God, Bestow right under- standing on all." Again, the individual born in the lake of Society must swim and float in the calm waters, and joining the river of Progress, merge in the Ocean of Grace. Man has to move from the stance of "I" to the position of "WE;" this day, we see only the wild dance of ego-stricken individuals, who hate society and behave most unsocially. Water flows from a higher, level to the lower levels. God's Grace too is like that. It flows down to those who are bent with humility. So, give up the ego, overcome jealousy, and cultivate love. How can man be truly at peace with himself and with others, if he does not endeavour to win the Grace of God? While trying to get the best out of Nature's Gifts, you must first be equipped with humility and simplicity; otherwise, you will only be dragged along into ruin, through many unfulfilled desires. Ravana desired Nature (Seetha, who was found as a child in a furrow of ploughed land); but, he was not chastened by the effort to win the Grace of God; and so, he met his downfall. Desire leads to anger, when it is foiled; and anger weakens the body. It impairs the digestive system and chases him fast into old age. Remember, when Prema (Divine selfless Love) is installed in the heart, jealousy, hatred and untruth will find no place there. Live in Prema, live with Prema, move with Prema, speak with Prema, think with Prema, and act with Prema. This is the best and the most fruitful Sadhana (spiritual effort). Do not want Prema from others, while yourself refusing Prema to others. This is not a one way traffic.
Love for all should spontaneously flow from your heart, and sweeten all your words.
The Divine Prema is not easily comprehensible. So, My emphasis is not generally understood in its full significance. Prema is God. God is Prema. T0 consider it as a method of speech, an attitude of mind or as physical behaviour is to sorely demean it. Prema has no trace of selfishness; it is not bound by motives.
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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