Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 28 (1995)
Render unto the people what is theirs

EMBODIMENTS of Love! "Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhinah" (Let all people be happy!). This is the primal call of Bharatheeya Culture All people in the world should live happily and comfortably. Bharatheeya culture has handed down this call from ancient times that no one should experience suffering or sorrow.
This sacred land of Bharath has shown, from ancient times, to the rest of the world, not only the path of Spirituality but also the ideals to be pursued in the fields of Social, Ethical and Moral values. Forgetting these eternal verities, Bharatheeyas have become victims of disorder and discord because of total preoccupation with worldly pursuits. Because of the advances in science and technology, people seem to be content with physical comforts, oblivious to their Divine heritage. A Nation's well-being or troubles are dependent on the actions of the people. Actions are related to men's thoughts. If the country's condition is not what it should be, what is the reason? Men's thoughts and actions are not what they should be. Human values should predominate in men's thoughts. Human life has no meaning without these values. To be a true human being, one has to practise these values in daily life.
The two organs of unique importance
There are two organs in man which are of unique importance: the Head and the Heart. All that emanates from the Head is related to the physical world. In Vedanthik parlance, this is called Pravritthi Lakshanam (externalism). These external activities include studies, moving about,. earning and spending and ultimately passing on. All 'these relate to the mundane and are not enduring reality. Qualities like kindness, sympathy, compassion, truth and forbearance arise from the Heart. These are described as Nivritthi Lakshanas (Internal traits). Of the two tendencies, the external and the internal, it is not good to follow the Pravritthi Lakshanas (external traits). The quest for truth means understanding the difference between the two paths. This quest embraces every kind of action seeing, speaking, doing, etc. For instance, the eyes see the mother, the son, the daughter, the daughter-in-law and others. The quest for truth means understanding how each of these different persons are to be viewed, though it is the same eye that sees all of them. Similarly, the tongue is prone to speak the truth or utter lies or indulge in delusions. The quest for truth means that the differences in the role of the tongue should be properly understood. For instance, scientists look at the branches, flowers and fruits of a tree and study the different aspects and draw their conclusions. There are others who realise that the branches, flowers and fruits are sustained by the roots which are below the ground. The persons who searched for the roots were esteemed by our ancient Vedhik seers. The Vedanthins thus teach things which are unknown to the scientists. Science teaches things which are not dealt with by the Vedanthins. The real quest for truth consists in combining the explorations of the scientist and the spiritualist. Branches cannot exist without roots. But roots without branches are useless. Both are interdependent. Likewise, everyone should recognise the integral relationship between the external and the internal. Only then can one know the whole truth and base his life on it.
Exploration of energies present in the cosmos
The world is passing through many changes. Whatever power functions in the Cosmos is present in the individual. You find waves of energy in the world. You also notice the rays of light illumining the world. Radio waves also fill the atmosphere. Laser beams are also present. Invisible X-Ray waves are also present. While these are given different names, all these radiations are different manifestations of the same energy. The ancient sages had explored these different forms of radiations and experienced the bliss to be derived therefrom. They were able to accomplish many things on the basis of their knowledge of these powers. For many millennia, the exploration of these energies has been going on. The first scientist to know about them was Hiranyakashipu. He had total control over Panchabhuthas (five great elements). But, his son, Prahladha, taught a few lessons to his father. "Oh father! You have conquered all the worlds in a trice. But you have no control over your mind." Churchill (the British Wartime Prime Minister) pointed out the same truth when he observed' "Man has conquered many things. But he has made no effort to know himself." Scientists today have explored everything, but have not understood their own reality. Of what use is all other knowledge if you do not know the truth about your own self? That is why Vedantha summons man to embark on Self-Knowledge. Everyone should seek to know his true nature, his motives and his consciousness. Man is endowed with all potencies and all forms of energy. Man has limitless magnetic energy in him. Possessing all these powers, it is a pity that man regards himself as weak. Energy and matter are not different. They are present like the tree that is latent in a seed.
"Nothing is Mine"
People do not comprehend the preciousness of human life and all its potentialities. Men should learn to lead a moral life. When one's thoughts are pure, one's life becomes sacred and blissful. No room should be given for bad thoughts and bad actions. From earliest times, Bharatheeyas had sought to base their lives on noble ideals. Today, Bharatheeyas are asking. "Where is God?" The truth is' "You are God." With regard to the Drinking Water Project, people have been praising Svami in laudatory terms. Svami is not happy with these eulogies. Nothing is mine. All these are gifts from devotees. They have taken the form of water. To demonstrate the exemplary character of this devotion, I launched the water project. I am only a trustee. I am a postal runner. Whether the messages delivered by the postman are pleasant or unpleasant, only the recipients can know. Hence, it is not right to attribute to Svami responsibility for anything. God seeks nothing. What you have to offer to God is only your love.
True sacrifice is to provide amenities for the poor
There are in the world many great men and wealthy men. There are any number of ashrams and temples. Wherefrom are these ashrams and temples getting funds? They come from the earnings of the public. Hence, such funds, received from devotees, should be utilized for the benefit of the devotees. Whether it be an ashram or a temple or a wealthy person, their income comes from the labours of poor persons. If the poor did not do the work, how could the rich become rich? It is their labour which has enabled the rich man to acquire wealth. Hence, what has been acquired from the labours of the poor should be used for their good. Therefore, the authorities of ashrams or temples in any area should use their resources for providing education or medical relief or other amenities in their areas and make them happy. This is true sacrifice. Many devotees offer all kinds of ornaments for the idols in temples. For God the only ornament is Love. No other ornament can fittingly adorn God. Hence, instead of offering ornaments, it is better to use the money for the benefit of Narayana in the form of needy human beings. It is not good to look to the Government for everything. People should come together and try as far as possible to get their requirements met by their own co-operative efforts. Only then they will become one human family. All, indeed, are brothers and sisters and should work together in this spirit. How do you expect Government to provide all amenities? They have to get the money from public. It is better to let the people use their money for their own benefit along proper lines. This kind of mutual co-operation in all endeavours has been commended by the Vedas from ancient times. The Vedas have declared that sacrifice is the only means to achieve immortality. It is necessary to devise means to ensure that the resources of ashrams and temples are used solely for the public good.
Unity among the rural folk is essential
There is the problem of maintenance of the facilities created by the Water Project. If, for instance, a pipe put up in a place fails to work, there is no meaning in waiting for the official machinery to set it right. The villagers themselves should arrange to get it repaired. Why should not there be such unity and co-operation among the rural folk? Most of our troubles are due to lack of unity and co-operation among the people. Only unity can ensure the prosperity of the people.
Let unity prevail. Let the affluent sections realise that their wealth comes form the labours of the masses. There is no need to glorify what I have done. I have given back to the people what has been given by them. I have given to you what is essential for you. Nothing is mine. If anything can be called mine, it is you. You are my greatest property. If you are happy, I am happy. If you pursue the right path, that is my food. When you are united, I feel happy. Therefore, do not speak about what Svami has done. Svami served to you what you offered to Him. I have nothing in my hands. People will call them empty hands. But this nothing is everything.
Real 'art' should emanate from the 'heart'
During the past few days, the people have been enjoying the music concerts and dance programmes. In the past these fine arts were patronized by rulers. Today the word 'art' has lost its meaning. Real art should emanate from the heart. Artistic expression-should reflect what is in the heart. All arts like music, painting, dance, etc. should, be developed as sacred activities. You experienced joy when you witnessed the concerts. That joy came from the heart. By promoting such arts the people can experience perpetual joy. Hence people should encourage such sacred arts, which are part of Bharath's great cultural heritage. The Vedas have held forth the message of people living in amity striving together for common ends and sharing the fruits of their co-operative efforts. Equally, they have proclaimed the omnipresence of the Divine. The cosmic form of the Divine encompasses every being in the universe. Forgetting this fact "Sarvam Vishnumayam Jagath" (The Divine is immanent in the Cosmos), people search for the Divine. Every human being is a spark of the Divine. Hence, there should be no ill-will towards anyone. People wish Happy Birthday. For whom is this birthday? It is only for the body, which cannot experience happiness. Do not follow the body, which is perishable, or the mind, which is like a mad monkey. Follow your conscience. Human life is based on the body (actions), the mind (thoughts) and the Atma (Consciousness). The body has to be kept in a sound condition. It has to be used for the service of others. Put into practice Vyasa's motto: "Help ever; Hurt never." This is my advice to everybody.
Secret of Svami's strength
This body (of Svami) will enter on its seventieth year on the 23r~. As far as I can remember, I have not done all these years any harm to anyone in any form. Even the idea of causing harm to anyone has never entered my mind. Because of this, inspite of my seventy years, I appear like a small boy. As I don't find the time or the opportunity, I don't ran, but I can do so. Wherefrom has this strength come? There are three factors responsible' three P's. First P, Purity. Second P, Patience. Third P, Perseverance. If you develop these three qualities, you can also acquire the same strength.
Today, most people lack purity. Whether you believe it or not, I must tell you that there is no trace of self-interest in me. I am keen to do something or other for this or that person, but I have no concern about myself. Develop this attitude and you will experience your Divinity. So far, I have not stretched my hand to seek anything from anyone. I ask for only one thing: pure love. That is God. Only the love of God is true love. All others are merely different forms of attachment. There is no greater achievement or ideal than love of God. Dedicate every action to God. Work will be transformed into worship. Whether people believe it or not, it is a fact that I have never known what it is to worry. Persons working in the Super Speciality Hospital have asked me: "Svami! The Hospital is costing two crores of rupees a month.
The Institute of Higher Learning is being run without getting anything *from the Govt. or the students. How are these being done? Svami appears to be totally free from worries. Why should there be any worry? If you are engaged in good work for the public, there is no room for worry. It is purely an aberration of the mind. I have no such worry: I am engaged in good work. Where, then, is cause for worry? If you are not doing good work, you have to worry. Therefore, embark on good work with faith. You will have no worries. Develop love! Fill your hearts with love and share it with all beings, thereby experience bliss. Regard the entire world as one family. That is the message of Bharatheeya culture. Countries are building up arms for defence. But Bharath has believed in Dharma as the real safeguard for nations or individuals. Hence you should protect and cherish Dharma. Atomic weapons should be given up. Prime Minister Narasimha Rao has been pleading for the abolition of atomic 'weapons. I agree with him. Bharath's most powerful weapon is Dharmasthra. Let us adhere to Dharma. That will protect us. Embodiments of love! It is a blessing to be born in Bharath. There are doubtless troubles and difficulties. These have to be faced and overcome. There is only one thing which you have to offer as a birthday gift. Develop love and live fraternally. Banish hatred and jealousy. Set an example to the world.
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