Summer Showers 1995 - Srimad Bhagavatham
Mother And Motherland Are Greater Than Heaven

Vidyanama Narasya Roopamadhikam Pracchanna Guptam Dhanam,
Vidya Bhogakari Yashah Sukhakari, Vidya Gurunam Guru,
Vidya Bandhujano Videsha Gamane, Vidya Para Lochanam,
Vidya Rajasu Poojyate Na Hi Dhanam, Vidya Viheenah Pasuh.

Education is a third eye, a secret treasure,
Bestower of fame and enjoyment, the teacher of teachers,
A friend in foreign lands, the supreme guide, and Honored by kings more than wealth.
One without education is a beast.
Patrons Of Education, Teachers and Students!
Just as a child recognizes its mother and father at birth, students must recognize the history and culture of the land of their birth. The country is like a mother, and the culture like a father. One who does not recognize their culture can never understand their motherland.
India’s glorious heritage
The culture of Bharath is the noblest. Bharathiyas (Indians) are truthful and righteous. Justice and fairness are their life-breath. When the Eternal, Indestructible, Formless Truth is given a form, that is Indian Culture.
Students need to uphold only sathya and dharma, which, in turn, will protect the country. Victory weds only truth and righteousness, not wealth or position. No matter how educated, intelligent, or influential you are, you must foster human values. It is only because human values are disregarded in Bharath today that man has lost value.
What is meant by education? It is not just bookish knowledge. Can all those who know how to read and write be called educated? Does earning degrees make one educated? Will education achieve its purpose without moral and spiritual training? If education is just for a living, are not birds and beasts living as well? Thus, living is not sufficient. Ideals in life are important.
Today the ancient, noble truths are misinterpreted. Nature, pure and sacred, is being driven far from society. Compassion, righteousness, and discipline are shunned. Knowledge of the ancient Vedas is on the decline while all kinds of harmful sciences are flourishing.
Since ancient times, Bharath has granted peace and comfort to the entire world by virtue of Her spiritual treasure. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu - may all worlds be happy. This has been the ideal of Indians from time immemorial. What is the reason for destructive tendencies in today’s education despite such a noble heritage?
Parents at home, teachers at school, and leaders in society are not setting the right example. They say one thing and act otherwise. Students are observant and intelligent. They think, "When experienced elders behave in that manner, why can’t we?" When the cow herself goes to graze in the field, will you find the calf at home? Elders are the root cause of moral decline in our land.
First of all, parents at home are responsible. Parents desire only degrees, job, wealth, and position for their children. No parent hopes that the child becomes devoted and noble. Parents should definitely love their children but it should not be the love of Dhritarashtra. Do not support every action of your children. Mistakes must be punished and good actions appreciated. Only with such training at home, will students maintain their values when they enter society.
True comfort and true freedom
Today every student desires comfort. What is comfort? They do not understand what comfort is, and yet, they desire it! In their opinion, eating, sleeping, and leading life forgetful of time is comfort. But to live without regard for time is not a human quality. Birds and animals live that way. Why be born as a human when you want to live like an animal? No, no. Jantoonam Nara Janma Durlabham - among all species, a human birth is most difficult to obtain. It is indeed very valuable and sacred. If students live like animals, they stain not just themselves but humanity itself. What is true comfort? It is control of the senses and ceiling on desires. Then we become eligible for peace and joy. This is true freedom.
What is svatantram, freedom? Freedom is not going where you please and acting as you like. Sva means that which emerges from the heart. To follow the teachings and prompting of the Atma emanating from the heart is true freedom. The four stages of salokyam, saroopyam, sameepyam and sayujyam are possible only by following the directives of the Atma. Sveccha or free will means following the Atma. Sveccha = sva (Self) + iccha (desire). Knowledge of the Atma, inquiry into the Atma, and the bliss of the Atma - these constitute freedom.
Unity - today’s dire need
India has won freedom from foreign rule, but, sadly, we have not won unity. Students, Unity is most essential. What cannot be achieved by individuals can be easily achieved collectively. The Vedas say:
Kalasi Melasi Tirugudam, Kalasi Melasi Perugudam Kalasi Melasi Telusukunna,
Telivini Poshinchudam Kalasi Melasi Kalata Leka, Chelimito Jeevinchudam

Let us move together, let us grow together,
Let us foster the knowledge that we have earned together. Let us live together in harmony.
Bharath has always produced excellent people in abundance - intelligent, courageous, valorous, devoted, strong, and virtuous. Yet we were conquered by foreigners. Why? Only because there was no unity. For this reason, Bharath had to endure slavery and untold injustice at the hands of invaders. Students must cultivate unity. The reputation and future prosperity of the nation are hinged on the behavior of students. Ensure that your conduct is proper. All the future leaders of Bharath are among today’s students. "Start early, drive slowly, reach safely." Imprint the nation’s welfare as the primary goal in your heart, starting in your student days.
Students should enter society as men of action. You should win victory in selfless endeavors with self-confidence. This is what Mother India needs desperately. Today people advocate new forms of society based on various criteria. We do not need a new social order or a model society. Virtuous boys and girls alone are enough. The nation can progress only through virtuous youth. Establishing various social norms and then breaking them is only a waste of time.
There is only one society, the human society. All of humanity is one. If all stand as one and work in unity, truly what a glorious nation Bharath will become! Bharath has ninety crores people. If all act united as "plus, plus, plus, plus, plus," their abilities will add and the country will stand strong as one body.
Uproot selfishness and hatred
There are many aspects of Bharath’s ancient culture that you are yet to understand. You must ponder what grand values were present in ancient India.
In the supremely sacred land of Bharath Forbearance is the sign of beauty.
Of all disciplines, adherence to truth is the greatest penance.
The sweet feeling pervading this land is the Motherly feeling.
Character is more precious than life itself.
But, alas! Like an elephant unaware of its own strength,
Bharathiyas imitate foreign values today, Forgetting their own greatness.
What strength! What sacrifice! What adherence to dharma and justice! Such a Bharath is ignorant of its own glory. What is the reason? Selfishness and hatred are growing. We can attain peace on the day we destroy selfishness and hatred, not before that.
First of all, we need to nurture human values. What is the true mark of a human? Words, heart, and hands must work in unity. "The proper study of mankind is man." There must be unity in thoughts, words, and actions. Today this pure human quality of unity is absent. Education is not just familiarity with books. Today’s education system must be changed totally.
Today’s education teaches cleverness and guile
But not even a fraction of virtuous behavior.
What is the value of even a million different kinds of education devoid of virtue?
What good are ten acres of barren land? A tiny plot of fertile land is better. Even a small amount of education is meaningful when coupled with virtue. Without virtue, Ph.D. upon Ph.D. are of no avail. They are totally useless Ph.D.s! We must learn at least one skill that is useful. What is this 'usefulness' we must look for? Ensure that education keeps you, as well as society, happy. You should be happy and peaceful. And you should deliver that happiness to society as well. We are all members of society. We cannot live separated from society even for a moment. Being members of society, we must desire its welfare before our own. Students, Pursue education while keeping society’s welfare in view.
Janani Janmabhoomischa Svargadapi Gariyasi

the mother and motherland are worth more than heaven itself.
We were born in Bharath, we grew up in Bharath, we breathe the air of Bharath, and we eat the food of Bharath. But we are unable to render desperately needed service to Bharath.
Bharatha Mata yearns day and night for Her children to become virtuous. You must become good citizens, blossom into exemplary students, and earn honor in society and peace of mind for yourself. This is what Bharatha Mata desires for you. Whatever country you belong to, uphold the respect of your nation.
There is only one caste - the caste of humanity.
There is only one family - the spiritual family.
There is only one language - the language of the heart.
The Indweller - source of all power
Names may differ, but the substance is one. Rings are many, but gold is one. Nationalities are many, but birth is one. Flowers are many, but worship is one. Similarly, God is one. Ekovasi Sarva Bhoota Antaratma - the One Indweller is in all. That is power; that is electricity. This electricity is present in every human being. It is this power which sustains life.
You know how scientists are inventing wonderful and complex machines today. But they don’t recognize the one machine that creates all other machines! They develop machines to travel into the depths of the earth, to soar toward the Moon, to harness solar power and so on. They have invented atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, nuclear power, and many other applications of these energies.
But there is one machine that is more valuable and more powerful than all of man’s inventions - the human body. But no one attempts to understand its secrets today. As for external phenomena, yes, scientists actively investigate and experiment them. But what about yourself? Examine yourself first!
Your power is in the universe and the powers of the universe are in you. Students must recognize this truth. You may consider someone else as a great person. But there is no one greater than you! All power and potentiality is present in you. The power of attraction and magnetic energy is in you. Electricity, light, and fire are also inherent to you. X-ray power is also inside you. In effect, everyone is a computer, a generator, a light source, a radio station ... all in one. All the 'news' is in us.
Instead of discovering the 'news' within ourselves, we absorb 'nuisance' from outside. No, no. What we want is good, pure news. What is this NEWS? N - North, E - East, W - West, S - South. The Divinity that is present equally everywhere, we must absorb into ourselves. Even among today’s scientists we do not find this concept of North, East, South and West. Living in the physical world, we use these terms without much thought. We say that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. This is completely wrong! How, you may ask. The Sun neither rises nor sets. We revolve around the Sun and perceive the illusion of East and West.
Divinity is described as:
Nirgunam Niranjanam Sanatanam
Nitya Niketanam Suddha Buddha Mukta Nirmala Svaroopinam

Attributeless, stainless, eternal, the final abode, Pure, aware, free, embodiment of sacredness.
Through such education, we must experience the same peace that our ancients enjoyed. Never relax your efforts to reach Divinity. In ancient times everyone was peaceful. Now, everybody has tension - from the tiny tot to the old man! This tension causes temper. Tension and temper are ruining human qualities. Then how can we expect peace? With an atom bomb in one hand, we ask for peace. How is it possible? We will get only fear, fear, fear.
Man has traveled to the Moon. The Moon is cool and peaceful. Even after traveling to such a cool Moon, the heat of our hearts is ever on the increase. So, peace is not external to you. You are the embodiment of truth, love, and peace. Instead of trying to experience this glorious truth, students pursue this subject, that subject... In this craze for subjects they have forgotten the object!
Subject and object - both are necessary. Consider a locomotive engine. It is huge, complex and worth millions. Yet, without electric current it is just scrap metal. The body is valuable only with the current of Divinity. You can secure whatever power you desire when these two join. All power is within us. But we misuse the body because we are unable to recognize its potential.
So don’t misuse anything. Time is most crucial. Once lost, it cannot be regained. Embark in service activities without wasting a moment. All your studies must be applied in service to society. Only then will your knowledge improve. What good are bookish knowledge, superficial knowledge, and general knowledge? All these are useless. Why? Because they do not have practical application. What we need today is practical knowledge. You say the words mysore pak, gulab jamun, jilebi, barfi. But can you experience their taste merely by saying the names? Instead, eat a small piece and you get immediate, direct experience.
So plunge into Divinity. What good is it to say 'God' over and over again? Today many people memorize the entire Bhagavad Gita. They know every verse (sloka) but they see no end to their sorrow (soka). Why? If you practice just one verse, that is enough. There are fifty matches in a match-box. But you need only one match stick to build a fire of any size. You don’t need all the fifty sticks.
Similarly, you have the five human values in you - Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa. Practice one of them. That is enough. Prema is the basis. Speak with Love - that is Truth. Perform actions with Love - they are Dharma. Think with Love - you experience peace. Inquire with Love - it is transformed into Ahimsa.
There is no place for hatred where Love is present. Darkness has no place where light is present.
We pray:
Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya

lead me from darkness to light.
Light these virtues in yourselves and drive away the darkness of ignorance.
Obedience and humility
Mainly, don’t develop pride and ego on account of your youth. This stage of youth is like a passing cloud. It comes and goes in a flash. The period of youth must be made meaningful while it lasts. Respect parents and elders. Develop obedience and humility. Without humility, all education is a waste. But today’s students have no idea what humility means. They behave as they please.
One with good BEHAVIOR is a BOY.
One with good MANNERS is a MAN.
One with good DISCIPLINE is a DEVOTEE.
You call yourself a boy, but you don’t have behavior. This behavior must start early, when you are a boy. "Start early, drive slowly, reach safely." Do not compare your studies with your behavior. Human values are human values. Do not compare them with anything because they are permeated with Divinity.
So think of spiritual matters at a young age. "Who is God? How can I see Him? How can I live like a true human being? In what manner can I serve society?" All these issues can be understood in this Summer Course. This course is not meant to teach you some new subject. The subject is Human Values. The name is "Summer Course in Indian Culture and Spirituality." What is culture? It is sometimes defined as a 'way of life' . But Indian Culture cannot be understood easily - it has numerous meanings. Life itself is culture. Our behavior, moment to moment, is culture.
The grief of the motherland
Born in this sacred land, you must conduct yourself so as to increase peace in the country. Today Bharatha Mata is continuously shedding tears, wondering in what ways Her children will hurt Her next and bring Her disrepute! Not just students, but all four stages of life - Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa - are causing grief to Bharatha Mata. No section of society is giving satisfaction to the country. What a pity that even in spirituality, Bharath is shedding tears!
Today, only the outer forms of men are changing but not their minds. Their dresses change but not their qualities. Where are these people headed? Is there anyone today who is able to recognize and understand the truth about Bharath Mata? The Motherland is worrying, "My own children are not able to recognize Me!"
WHAT KIND OF CHILDREN ARE THEY WHO DO NOT RECOGNIZE THEIR OWN MOTHER? You must first recognize your mother. Then understand the nature of your father. The country is the mother and the culture, the father. First of all, protect your motherland and its culture. Patriotism and nationalistic feelings are totally absent in today’s youth. What is meant by a nation? Students think that land, trees and rivers constitute a nation. No, no.
Students should understand the principle of their motherland. "This is my motherland, this is my mother tongue," you should declare with pride. If you cannot, you are only a dead body! We should be ready to sacrifice even our lives for the sake of the country! "What do I care if the country or world goes to ruin? I should be happy." - This is the attitude of students today. This is gross ignorance. It is only when the country is happy that the society can be happy. And you can be happy only when the society is happy. Students! Consider the nation first, above everything else. What is our country called? We are called Hindus. What does that mean?
Humility + Individuality + Nationality + Divinity + Unity = HINDU.
Only when you have these qualities, are you a true Hindu. Of these, humility is most essential. Pride drives away the other four virtues. Without humility, there is no individual, much less, individuality! Humility, humility, humility - this is of utmost importance. Only then can unity result.
Work for the motherland
The next ten days in the Summer Course are valuable. Consider each moment as an era and use this time carefully. Don’t waste life just listening. You must practice what you have learned. Translation into action should be the chief quality of our students.
The Chief Minister and Education Minister of Karnataka State are here to give you advice. You must recognize their expectations of you. Live up to the high hopes of these guests and make them happy by demonstrating your exemplary behavior. The CM has been exerting much for the welfare of the people. He wants to do lasting good to the country. But good people always face hurdles. A pleasure is an interval between two pains. It is natural for good people to experience more obstacles because no one even cares to look at worthless people. A beautiful diamond receives more cuts. Gold is burnt in the furnace. But the more it is burnt, the purer it becomes. The cuts of a diamond only enhance its beauty. Likewise, troubles only increase the worth of good people. So we must face troubles bravely.
Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a game, play it. Life is love, enjoy it.
Life is Awareness. Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornat Poornam Udachyate - This is Full, that is Full, from the Full emerges the Full. Everything is poornam, full. Your mind must also be full, not narrow. Practice expansion of love. I conclude My discourse by hoping and blessing that you understand your Motherland, work for Her welfare and become ideal examples.
(Bhagavan asked all to rise. Upon His instruction, the national anthem of India, "Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka Jaya He," was sung.)
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