Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 41 (2008)
Contemplate On God, The Real Hero, For Victory

Bharat (India) is the motherland of many noble souls who earned great name and fame in all the continents of the world. This is the land of valorous people, who vanquished the foreign rulers in the battlefield and attained independence.
This is the land that excelled in music, literature, and other fine arts. Having been born in this great land of Bharat, oh boys and girls, it is your sacred duty to protect its rich cultural heritage. (Telugu poem)
Embodiments of Love!
What can one say about Jesus Christ that has not been said already! Today is Christmas, the holy day on which Jesus Christ was born some two thousand years ago. You all know about it. All that we see, hear, and do are like dream scenes, which will disappear soon. They are, of course, true as long as you sleep. The moment you wake up or slide into deep sleep, they just disappear. Similarly, all that you see, hear, and do in the objective world are also like dream scenes. They are unreal and subject to constant change. The Atma Principle (Thathwa ) is the only entity that is permanent in all three periods of time, namely, past, present, and future, as also the waking, dream, and deep sleep states. This Atma Principle is love. In fact, love is born out of Atma only. If only you cultivate love, the entire world will come under your control.
Make your mind steady by curbing your desires
Do not hurt anyone. “Hurt never, love ever.” Constantly remember love, which is the eternal truth. You are not one person, you are three: (1) the one you think you are, (2) the one others think you are, and (3) the one you really are. That is your real nature. You say, “this is my body, this is my mind, this is my intellect, this is my subconscious mind,” etc., but who is this ‘my’? Unfortunately, no one today puts this question to themself. When you say, ‘my body,’ you are separate from your body. You say, “this is my house.” But who are you? You have to find answer to this question. How long will this house, which you say is yours, last? It is sure to dilapidate sooner than later. All these worldly objects are subject to change and destruction. Only one entity is changeless: the Brahma Principle (Thathwa ). That is love. If only you get hold of it, everything else will come under your control. Wherever you look today, there are only desires, desires, and more desires. Put a ceiling on these desires! Then only will your mind become steady. You say “I want this, I want that,” etc. Thus, you develop many wants. They are like passing clouds. Why should you multiply your wants, these passing clouds? Ultimately, nothing accompanies you at the time of your leaving this mortal body. Great kings and emperors ruled over this world. They conquered several countries and accumulated boundless wealth. Even Alexander the Great, who conquered several parts of the world, could not take with him even a miniscule part of the wealth he accumulated. He had to leave this world with empty hands. To demonstrate this truth, he instructed his ministers to take his dead body in a procession through the streets of his capital, keeping both his hands in a raised position pointing toward the sky. The ministers were curious to know the reason for this strange request. He said, “I have conquered several countries and accumulated so much wealth. There is a vast army under my control. Yet, nothing is accompanying me at the time of my leaving this body. I am going with empty hands. This has to be demonstrated to all people.”
Embodiments of Love!
People should, of course, have some comforts for this physical body and fulfil some desires that are necessary for their daily life. But, unfortunately, these desires are reaching a point of insatiability. You may live for a few years or full hundred years in this physical world. One day or other the body has to be cast off. Hence, do not cultivate unlimited desires.
Some people have intense desire to have the vision of God. Where is God? You are all embodiments of Divinity. God is not separate. Men are more valuable than all the wealth in the world. God also is in human form.
Good and bad arise from our thoughts
We see three kinds of beings in the world: tame animals, wild beasts, and humans. One has to analyse for oneself whether one belongs to the category of animals, beasts, or humans. If you think you are a human being, then cultivate human values, lead a human life, and develop human thoughts. First and foremost, truth is a human value. Truth does not undergo any change in all three periods of time - past, present, and future. Truth is always truth. Develop faith in that truth. All others undergo change. You say, “I am peaceful today.” What about tomorrow? No peace. All pieces, pieces! Hence, this state of peace also undergoes change.
“Love is God; live in love.” In fact, your entire life is nourished and nurtured by love. When truth and love go together, nonviolence is the result. Where there is love, people will not quarrel among themselves. You don’t get angry against someone. When you develop love, you consider all people as your brothers. Suppose you meet someone and say “hello, brother,” even your enemy will respond by saying, “hello, brother.” “As is the feeling, so is the result (Yad bhavam tad bhavati ).” Hence, you have to develop noble feelings. Good and bad arise only from your thoughts. If something bad happens, it is not something that others have done for you. Nor has God a role to play in this. You are bad to yourself! Your thoughts have done you harm! Suppose you are happy, even that is not caused by God. That too is on account of your own thoughts. Hence, one has to purify one’s thoughts, first and foremost. When you develop pure thoughts, your life will be happy and peaceful. Where there is purity, there Divinity is. Unfortunately, today, Divinity is being divided and differentiated in the name of religion. Where unity, purity, and Divinity go together, life is happy. God is not responsible for either good or bad thoughts. You only are responsible for both. If you have bad thoughts, that is your own making. All are one’s own making. The same is the case with good thoughts. See! How beautiful are these lights in this hall! Who made them? The human being only. Hence, there can be no Divinity without humanness. Humanness must be sanctified. Human beings must cultivate human values. Then only can one attain Divinity. The senses create a lot of unsteadiness in us. They lead us to bad ways in many ways. However, when our mind is pure they lead us on the noble path. Hence, keep your mind fresh and pure always. It should not be allowed to waver, which can lead us to ups and downs. It is said, “The entire world is permeated by the mind (Manomoolam idam jagat ).” Do not think that God is separate from you. You are confused because you think you are separate from God. Not only are you confused, but your ‘fuse’ is also blown, meaning you are engulfed in darkness. Your faith in God must always be steady and unwavering.
Do constant repetition of the name
Today, the world is facing a lot of unrest. People are indulging in criminal activities. What then is your role in the present situation? You need not do anything else. Just contemplate on and chant the name of God incessantly (do namasmarana ). Contemplate upon your inner Self. You need not make use of any kind of bombs and weapons. Remain calm and unperturbed at all times. Maintain the attitude that whatever happens is for our own good only.
On the other hand, if you constantly brood that so and so did this and so and so did that, you will only develop hatred against others. Hence, constantly contemplate on God with a calm and steady mind. Never lose your courage and fortitude. If you do that, the worldly worries cannot trouble you in the least and cause fear and anxiety in you. The physical body is susceptible to birth and death. It is its nature. The Atma is eternal without birth or death. It has no beginning, middle or end. It is omnipresent and eternal witness. (Telugu poem) Today we indulge in negative thoughts relating to the body. Never entertain negative thoughts. The physical body is like a water bubble. The mind is like a mad monkey. The body is bound to perish sooner or later. Hence, do not trust the physical body. Do not believe your mind. Of course, you should take proper care of your body as long as you live, for the body enables you to lead the life. Later, it drops down of its own accord. No one lives in this world permanently. Only one entity in this world is permanent: the Atma . People say, “my self, my self,” and “I, I.” This single letter “I” is the real Atma (Self). A person with two minds is said to be confused and ignorant. “A person with dual mind is half blind.” Hence, develop single-minded faith and devotion. Once you develop faith in anything, it should last till your death. Unfortunately, people change their faith every now and then. When in difficulties, they respond in one way. When passing through better times, their behaviour is altogether different. This should not happen. Love, love, love - only this quality changeless. Cultivate such changeless love. Whatever happens, it is as per God’s will. You think you are the doer, out of your ego. You are not the doer. Where are you? You are not there, really. It is your inner Self, your inner voice that really responds to situations. Hence, “you” means your “Atma (Self)”. Faith in the inner Self is the basis for everything in this world.
Accept everything as God’s gift
Jesus was crucified on the cross. Mother Mary could not bear that scene and wept inconsolably. Jesus then remarked, “Why do you cry? This is natural. Whatever has to happen will happen. Hence, do not shed tears.” Jesus helped the fishermen in many ways. He gave them bread. Once, the fishermen could not catch even one fish. Jesus then called Peter and said, “Peter, bring the fishing net and follow me.” He directed the fishermen to cast the net at a particular place. There was such a huge catch that even all the fishermen could not pull the net to the shore.
Thus, God can do anything at His divine will. Everything is God’s gift only. One has to realise this fact and develop faith accordingly. If you are enjoying good times, it is God’s gift. On the other hand, if you are passing through difficult times, it is also God’s gift. Develop such steady faith. If you are suffering from malarial fever, you will be given bitter pills. That is also for your good. Good and bad coexist; none can separate them. You cannot find good or bad to the exclusion of the other. (Telugu poem) Bad is not there separately in a distant corner. Good and bad exist together. It is only a difference of time. Hence, we have to accept everything as God’s gift. If we encounter bad we express disgust and say, “I don’t want this!” Don’t do that. There is good even in bad. There is good in bad and bad in good. Good and bad are like the obverse and reverse of the same coin. Only the time at which they occur differs. Suppose you ate nice, tasty food consisting of sweets, bread, etc., tonight. Tomorrow morning it turns into excreta. The good food has turned into bad matter. Thus, good and bad occur at different times, not at the same time. What we have to do in the present-day world is constant prayer to God. If only you develop faith in your own self, everything will accrue to you. If you do not have that faith, all your wealth and property is a mere waste. We hanker after worldly possessions with ego and arrogance, but they lead us to nowhere. They are sure to land us in peril one day or the other. Hence, one should always conduct oneself with humility and faith in God thinking, “Everything is God’s gift; God is the doer of everything.”
Your Atma is none other than God
Where is God? This is the question sceptics often raise. God is in you, with you, above you, below you, and around you. He is the “Indweller of your heart (your Hridayavasi ).” Your Atma is none other than God, verily. Hence, one need not have to search for God elsewhere. You repeat the names of Rama and Krishna, thus identifying Divinity with a particular name and form. That which is beyond the body, that which is beyond the name, is real Divinity. Divinity has nothing to do with the physical body. The physical body may subsist for a limited period only. It constantly undergoes change. At the time of birth, you call it a ‘child’. As it grows, you call it a ‘boy’. After some time, you call it a ‘man’. Thereafter, when it becomes old, you call it a ‘grandfather’. The child, boy, man, and grandfather are all one only. Though God has come in human form and is acting as a human being now, never forget to realise Him as God. Since we are in human frames, let us know God in human form. Devoid of your physical body, you can never realise God. Hence, one has to experience God only in human form. People develop ego on the basis of their physical and intellectual capabilities, wealth, and property. It is also common to see ego showing its head in positions of power. All these will vanish in no time. Even your body will perish. Unfortunately, these days people consider the ephemeral worldly possessions as permanent, while ignoring the really permanent things. Hence, realise the true nature of the Atma Principle. People flock to this place in thousands and lakhs to have the darshan (sight) of this physical body. The more important thing to realise is that the physical body points to the eternal Divinity. Divinity is beyond the body. Hence, do not treat the physical body as permanent. However, one has to keep up the health of the physical body as long as one lives. Do not neglect it, thinking that it is bound to perish one day or the other. You have to look after the welfare of the body till your last breath. It is not your concern what happens to it later.
Embodiments of Love!
You need not go in search of the Atma . It is omnipresent - behind you, with you, around you, and above you. People do not repose their faith in such an omnipresent Atmic consciousness; they hanker after ephemeral things. Hence, first and foremost, you have to enquire which is permanent and which is not. Enquire into yourself, “Who am I?” The answer comes, “I am a human being.” If you consider yourself a human being, you must have human qualities.
An animal like an ox or a he-buffalo ploughs the land, eats grass, and does some hard work in the fields. Similarly, the nature of a beast is to pounce upon all creatures and cause harm to them, including killing. We are not animals or beasts. We are human beings. Hence, we have to cultivate human qualities. What are they? Truth, peace, love, and nonviolence.
If you have to develop the quality of nonviolence, you have to cultivate love first. Where there is love, there will be nonviolence. Similarly, love, peace, and truth are all interdependent. When love and truth go together, peace is the result. Truth is an innate divine quality. This is not bookish knowledge; this is the manifestation of the inner Self. There is no human in this world in whom truth is not present. However, one conceals that truth and makes it appear as untruth. Sadly, today, we are more interested in falsehood than truth.
Repose first faith in the omnipresent God
You might have witnessed a number of dramas and playlets on the theme of love. Rama, Krishna, Sita, and Radha are all mythological characters. Rama and Sita, Krishna and Radha are shining examples of the Love Principle (Prema Thathwa ). Hence, they are referred to as ‘Sitaramulu ’ and ‘Radhakrishnulu ’. The demon king Ravana confined Sita in Lanka for ten months. He used to coax her frequently to become his queen. However, she flatly refused to submit herself to his overtures, saying, “You are in no way comparable to Rama, the embodiment of truth and righteousness.” She never even looked at his face. She pulled out a blade of grass and threw it on the ground saying, “You are like this blade of grass. Your might and power cannot be compared to Rama’s.” Such was her intense faith in Rama. One has to develop such strong faith in Divinity. A number of terrorists are operating in various parts of the world, but none of them can cause any damage to you if you develop faith and love in God. God is everywhere. You should repose firm faith in that omnipresent God. Any number of bombs cannot cause the least damage to your body. God is in you, with you, around you, above you, and below you. Unfortunately, people repose more confidence in temporary and palliative measures, which are like peppermints, than developing firm faith in the omnipotent and omnipresent Divinity. Do not take Divinity lightly. He is the only Chief for the entire universe. Develop faith in that Chief. Call Him by any name, Rama, Krishna, Jesus, or Allah; God is only one. “Truth is one, but the wise refer to it by various names (Ekam Sat viprah bahudha vadanti ).” You put the single digit 1 and any number of zeroes thereafter, and the value of that number increases by leaps and bounds. But if you remove the 1, the value of the number comes to zero even if you put one hundred zeroes one after the other. God is the only Hero, while all others are zeroes. Hence, keep God in the front always. If you contemplate on God, the real Hero, you can achieve victory in all fields. The so-called bombs and other powers cannot do any damage to you. The human power is not comparable to any other power. After all, who made the bomb? It is only the human being. Then, who is great? Is it the one who made the bomb or the object itself? Undoubtedly, the human being is great.
The Self in you is the Supreme Self
Human beings should realise their innate strength and greatness. The Vedanta (philosophy) exhorts the human being to realise their true nature by a process of enquiry into oneself. If you enquire into yourself by putting the question, “Who am I?” pat comes the reply, “I am Brahman (Aham Brahmasmi ).” You have to constantly remind yourself, “I am not a human being, I am God verily.” As far as the physical body is concerned, you are a human being. When God is with you, in you, around you, why should you have to fear man-made bombs? Develop self-confidence. Develop faith in the Atma Principle. The Self in you is the Supreme Self. When that Supreme Self is present in your body, why should you fear anyone? Even if the body becomes weak, the power of that Supreme Self drives you to march forward. It will help you. Hence, may all people contemplate on God incessantly! Do not get confused with names. You can contemplate on any name. Many varieties of sweets are prepared with sugar, which is the basic ingredient. You may eat any sweet of your choice, but all sweets taste sweet only. Everything is God. Do not entertain any doubts in this regard. Doubts create confusion in you. If a human being is to live the life of a real human being, all doubts have to be removed. The sooner the better, for, as long as doubts persist, they work like slow poison. Develop faith in yourself. That is called self-faith. If only you possess self-faith, none can cause any harm to you. Even bombs cannot do any damage. Many people develop a fear complex these days that that area is attacked with bombs, this area is attacked with bombs, etc. We need not entertain any such fear.
Embodiments of Love!
You gathered here with great devotion, love, and faith. Keep up that feeling of love. Constantly remind yourself, “I am God,” “I am God,” with a feeling of love for God. If anyone asks your name, do not reply “I am so and so.” Instead, reply, “I am God.” Not only Me, you are also God. Everybody is God. Develop such confidence. (Bhagawan sang two bhajans , “Prema mudita manase kaho ...” and Hari bhajana bina ...” and continued His discourse.) You all say, “I want peace, I want peace, I want happiness.” Where is this peace and happiness? They are available only in singing the glory of God. You will get peace and happiness only by singing the glory of the divine Name. They cannot be obtained from any shop. “Hari bhajana bina sukh shanti nahin ...” Peace and happiness have to well up from the inner spring of your own heart. If you wish to have peace, happiness, and bliss, contemplate on the divine Name in your heart. Be happy.
It is high time every person who wishes to lead a purposeful and righteous life decides to engage themself in service to society and devotes all their wealth and energies to spreading happiness in the community. People must realise that there can be no greater source of real bliss than renunciation (thyaga ).
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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